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The LoRaWAN® specification is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery-powered devices to the Internet over regional, national, or global networks, meeting key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements such as two-way communication, end-to-end security, mobility, and location-based services.

In other words, the LoRa Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) is designed to enable low-power devices (e.g., sensors like SEZO) to communicate with Internet-connected applications over long-range wireless connections.

Advantages of the lorawan network

LoRaWAN technology uses royalty-free radio frequencies – no subscription or fees are required to be part of this network. A single gateway (resembling an Internet router) covers a range of up to 10 km.

End devices using LoRaWAN, such as SEZO AL, send data either when triggered by an event (e.g., motion, light on) or on a schedule (e.g., every 15 minutes). In addition, they only send data when there is something to send, rather than synchronizing with the network just to see if there are any messages – significantly increasing battery life. Devices using LoRaWAN run on a single battery for up to several years!

LoRaWAN network architecture

products based on

SEZO SL - indoor air quality


monitoring valuable items

SEZO AL air quality monitoring


air quality monitoring system

SEZO CL air quality monitoring


monitoring of comfort zones

SEZO EL - Indoor Air Quality


environmental monitoring system

SEZO EL - Indoor Air Quality


monitoring outdoor air quality

SEZO BL - alarm system


Monitoring of comfort zones,
including the alarm system

SEZO WL - water leakage monitoring system


a system for monitoring water leakage or condensation

SEZO UL storage monitoring


storage conditions monitoring

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What do I need for the device to work?

For the devices to work you will need a Gateway, access to a LoRaWAN network server (i.e. TheThingsNetwork) and application server (i.e. Thingsboard). The Gateway that SEZO prefers is the Sentrius RF1xx LoRaWAN Gateway from Laird. Upon ordering, it is possible to order the Gateway through SEZO and have it shipped together with SEZO sensors. In a package you can also request service from SEZO engineers that will help you with the whole process of setting up a network server and customizing the ThingsBoard platform.

Depending on the location, it is also possible to outsource our technician to install the devices and the Gateway for you. For a quote, please contact our sales department at info@sezo.pl

For the AC powered devices we provide the adapter with the EU plug. 

How do I know that the server has successfully received the data sent by my SEZO device?

The server received the data once you see the data with the timestamp displayed in the Network Server console/interface. If you don’t know if you are receiving data correctly or if you have any other technical issues, our aftersales department will help you with any issues through email or call.

How do I configure my gateway in such a way that it forwards the packets from the SEZO device to the destination server?

It should be configured (IP address and port) to be a network server compliant to LoRaWAN.


What do I get in a package?

AC-powered devices:

➡️  device

➡️  power supply

➡️  user manual and

➡️  test report in electronic form (printed upon request before shipment)

Battery-powered devices:

➡️  device  

➡️  user manual 

➡️  test report in electronic form (printed upon request before shipment)

(For battery powered devices) Is the battery included with the device?

Yes. In the SEZO CL, SEZO SL, SEZO BL and SEZO WL the battery is replaceable. We use standard Li-SOCl2 industrial batteries.

Can the devices be customized to measure parameters in a different configuration?

Yes, for large orders we can modify the devices so that they only have sensors that are needed for specific projects.

Minimum order quantity needs to be discussed with us each time as the complexity of the  customization of the device varies depending on the case. Please contact us for more information at info@sezo.pl

Which devices are designed to be used outdoors?

SEZO A1L, SEZO EL, SEZO TM. What makes them stand out in harsh outdoors conditions is a IP55 casing made out of durable polycarbonate. The casing of the devices allows for years of undisturbed functioning once the device is set in its place of destination. 

The standard warranty is 12 months, counting from the delivery.


Which device has the most sophisticated sensors in it?

➡️  SEZO A1L ⬅️ 

It measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, luminosity, noise, Particulate Matter levels as well as acceleration, magnetic field and can detect motion (PIR).

How does the SEZO WL - water leakage sensor - detect water leakages?

The device has four detection channels for outgoing sensing strips. It detects water and sends alerts when the liquid contacts the sensing strips.


The device has four sensor strips, making it possible to detect leaks in four different zones. The device, once the strips detect water, sends an alert informing in which zone a leakage has been detected.

I can't perform the configuration. In which switch position should the configuration be made?

The configuration should be made on the "run" position. "Prog" position is reserved for the firmware updates.

For more information please go to page 6 of the User Manual that was attached with the product.  If you still have technical issues, our aftersales department will help you with any issues through email or a call. 


Are there extra drivers needed for the configuration of the device?

No, there are no extra drivers needed. After connecting, the device should appear as a "USB disk".

See page 7 of the User Manual attached with the product.

Can the data transmission interval be modified?

Yes, it is possible to manually modify the send interval through in-build USB port.

We recommend to use an interval as long as possible to avoid packet collisions with other devices.

There is a default duty cycle control activated to be compliant with ETSI standards. Default configuration is 15 minutes. See User Manual sent along with the device. 


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