Complex Environment Monitoring

SEZO A1M is a compact sensor device, measuring environmental parameters, luminosity, noise level and air quality, with a built-in accelerometer, magnetometer and motion detection. This handy device is suitable both for indoor and outdoor environment monitoring.


SEZO A1M provides information on air quality by measuring the levels of PM1PM2.5 and PM10, which are very harmful to human health and life. The device thus provides information on whether it is safe to be outside.


LTE-M is a low-power long-range network designed specifically for IoT devices for direct connection to 4G networks. It supports high-speed data transfer enabling real time communication – thus enabling monitoring of resources.


SEZO A1M is integrated with the Orange Live Objects, platform, which allow an easy access to the data collected by the device. It is also possible to connect SEZO A1M to another existing platform used by your company.

  • SEZO A1M monitors environmental parameters such as temperature, air pollution (PM), humidityatmospheric pressure, light intensity and noise level.
  • Built-in accelerometer and PIR sensors allow detection of human presence within a range of 1 meter from the device.
  • SEZO A1M transmits data at the moment of an event (e.g. motion detection) or in user-defined intervals. The device is configured using OTA (over the air) method, i.e. wirelessly.
  • SEZO A1M can be used both indoors and outdoors – it operates without any interference at temperatures ranging from -30 to +60°C.
  • The SEZO A1M uses LTE-M technology and has a nanoSIM socket.
  • The SEZO A1M device is powered by an external power supply unit with a voltage of 230V, so it can be connected to a common electrical outlet.

Get in touch with us to create a personalised system tailored to your needs. We will be happy to provide support starting with the concept phase and ending with the implementation of your system.

Use Cases


SEZO A1M makes refineries and chemical production companies more secure.

Facility managers leverage the SEZO A1M device to measure shocks and movements of critical facility components and machinery, thanks to the built-in accelerometer.

The device can be adjusted to clients individual needs, involving the measurement of basic environmental parameters, i.e. temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and sound levels. The device has an integrated alarm threshold configuration, giving the user the capability to adjust alarm thresholds of all measured parameters (such as light, air quality, as well as acoustic intensity).

The device is capable of sending data to the Orange Live Objects platform via LTE-M.


SEZO A1M makes public institutions more comfortable and more efficient.

Public facilities like libraries, museums or city halls leverage SEZO A1M capabilities such as monitoring temperature, humidity, sound level, and illumination to make the space more comfortable and efficient. Thresholds for the measured parameters can be set individually through the build-in alarm threshold configuration.

The integrated accelerometer enables measurement of shocks and/or movements (e.g. of objects such as doors or exhibition pieces) and can potentially decrease response time of facility security (more reliable than CCTV).

The device is capable of sending data to the Orange Live Objects platform via LTE-M.


SEZO A1M makes schools a safer place for children and staff.

School management levarages SEZO A1M to detect and prevent exposure to floating dust on school yards and parking lots and therefore make schools a safer place for both, children and staff. SEZO A1M measures particulate matter such as PM10, PM2.5, and PM1.

The device is powered via AC 230V power supply, and can therefore be used conveniently in various locations with a common power socket.

The device is capable of sending data via LTE-M to the Orange Live Objects platform.


SEZO A1M enhances security processes at industrial manufacturing sites.

The device is capable of sending data to the Orange Live Objects platform via LTE-M and pulls data from the environment like dust levels (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10), sound levels. SEZO A1M device is powered by AC230V.

The device has an integrated PIR (infrared) sensor, so it can detect the presence of people (like light detectors). This can be used as an alarm function, individually configured by the user. PIR sensors are commonly used in security alarms and automatic lighting applications.

The device has an alarm threshold configuration for all measured parameters.

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Measured parameters

Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Luminosity, Noise, Acceleration, Motion (PIR), Particulate matter

Operating temperature

-30 ÷ 60°C

Measurement range and accuracy

  • Temperature: -30 ÷ 60°C, typ. ±0.3°C, max ±1°C

  • Humidity: 0 ÷ 100%, typ. ±2%, max. ±5% @25°C
  • Air pressure: 260 ÷ 1260 hPa, ±1 hPa
  • Luminosity: 0 ÷ 1000 lx, typ. ±50 lx
  • Noise: 40 ÷ 100dB, ±6dB at voice frequency band
  • PM: 0 ÷ 500 μg/m3, ±10 μg/m3 @<100 μg/m3 (measurement disabled below -10°C)
  • Accelerometer: 0 ÷ ±157 m/s2 , max. ±7%
  • Magnetometer: 0 ÷ ±49gauss, max. ±7%
  • PIR motion detection: 1m range for human-sized object

Communication protocol

E-GPRS, LTE-M; nanoSIM (eSIM/Soft SIM options)

Frequency and transmission power

2G and LTE-M bands, maximum 33 dBm

Data transmission interval

Default 15 minutes or event-triggered (configurable OTA)

Power supply

100-240V 50Hz, Europlug

Enclosure and mounting

IP55, polycarbonate, four screw holes


190 g

Product dimensions

Length 89 mm, width 80 mm, height 47 mm

Contact us to create a system tailored to your requirements. We will be happy to provide support from the concept phase to the implementation of your system.

Our engineers are experienced in solving EMC problems - you can be sure that the tested device is EMC compliant.

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