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What is it?

Tracking products, people and valuable goods has been a desire of many ventures throughout the 20th century. Today, it is reality.

A key aspect of tracking stuff is GPS (Global Positioning System). It wasn’t until the late 1980s, when the first portable GPS receiver was commercially available for customers. It was a company called The Magellan Corporation that developed and launched the first handheld GPS ever built. In the last 25 years, GPS technology has become more accurate and most importantly: more affordable.

It is interesting to note that the term “Internet of things” first appeared in the late 1990s, when marketers tried to promote RFID technology. And how can you promote a new technology better than through a new, catchy buzzword? The term “The Internet of things” is easy to remember and easy to understand even for a layman. Well done, Kevin Ashton and Procter and Gamble!

WhY does it matter?

There are many use cases where tracking is important, vital even. In the medical and pharma industry for instance it is important to track the location and temperature of products. Companies distributing medicines and vaccines ask for continuous temperature control of the transported goods. 

The EU Commission has so far granted conditional marketing authorisation to five vaccines (as of December 22nd, 2021), namely those from BioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and Novavax. The EMA positively assessed their respective safety and efficacy.

A logistics and monitoring challenge: Both vaccines from BioNTech and Pfizer require temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius. This requires special cooling devices and transport containers. After thawing, they are kept for five days at two to eight degrees Celsius and can be used for vaccination. 

Ensuring stable temperatures throughout different modes of transport are very important in this case. Audible alerts, when temperature thresholds are exceeded, are helpful.

Another use case: pharmaceutical wholesalers and hospitals, where temperature and humidity needs to be monitored in various spots and devices on site.

SEZO TM - IoT products Gdansk, Poland

What parameters do SEZO IoT devices measure?

SEZO currently offers three products dedicated to TRACKING. The devices were build to measure VOC concentration, temperature, humidity, air pressure, luminosity, noise level, acceleration, motion (PIR), GNSS geolocation (option).

Need other parameters measured?

Our company is a hardware company. This is our core competency. We are capable of adding and removing features of our products, based on the use case and needs of our clients. We have an ELAB located at our company premises and we can run hardware quality assurance tests, including EMC testing. As of Q1 2022, we added a clean room to our Lab Space.

What features do we offer?

The features of our IoT TRACKING products vary. All devices were built for an operating temperature range of -30°C to 60°C. SEZO EMR uses LTE-M, NB-IoT and E-GPRS, Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC technology.

If you need specific features, you can get in touch with one of our HW engineers and see if we have a solution for a challenge that you are currently facing.


SEZO UL - Monitoring Warunków Magazynowania


geolocation system,
using LTE-M technology
SEZO EMR - Air Quality Monitoring


trackable air quality monitoring,
using LTE-M technology


for accident monitoring and
logistics support
SEZO TM - safety at running events

Safety at Mass running events

SEZO TM directly affects the safety of participants in mass running events as well as those who prefer running alone. SEZO TM not only makes it easier to keep track of the runners’ current positions, but also to contact them through a built-in loudspeaker, enabling voice messages to be sent both to selected or all users (in case of a mass event; informing e.g. about an upcoming storm).

SEZO EMR - pharma and medical logistics

Pharma and Medical logistics 

Ensuring stable temperatures throughout different modes of transport, especially when the logictics are critical (e.g. medical, vaccines etc.). Audible alerts when temperature thresholds are exceeded are helpful. Pharmaceutical wholesalers and hospitals, where temperature and humidity needs to be  monitored in various spots and devices on site, can use SEZO sensors to keep track of those parameters.

SEZO EMR monitors environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, light intensity and indoor air quality (VOCs).

SEZO HT - construction site safety

Accident monitoring & logistics support at big construction sites

SEZO Helmet Tracker for accident monitoring and logistics support. SEZO HT + FAMOC Connect create a complete solution for monitoring accidents and supporting logistics in high-risk working environments (e.g. big constructions sites, mining etc.), significantly increasing safety and efficiency of the tasks carried out.

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technologies used

LTE-M is a low-power long-range network designed specifically for IoT devices for direct connection to 4G networks. It supports high-speed data transfer enabling real time communication – thus enabling monitoring of resources.
It allows the devices to use unlicensed ISM band – which means no subscription fees are required. The devices using LoRaWAN send data either after being triggered by an event (e.g. movement, switching on the light) or based on a fixed schedule (e.g. every 15 minutes).

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SEZO TM geolocation system, using LTE-M technology
field test: SEZO TM geolocation system
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