SEZO Helmet Tracker for accident monitoring and logistics support

Safety and oversight – with IoT solutions

SEZO HT + FAMOC Connect create a complete solution for monitoring accidents and supporting logistics in high-risk working environments (e.g. big constructions sites, mining etc.), significantly increasing safety and efficiency of the tasks carried out.

Did you know that …

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… in 2018 there were 3,854 accidents at work in Poland including 84 fatal accidents?

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… the construction industry accounts for more than 40% of fatal accidents at work?
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… accidents in the construction industry translated into 240,257 days of lay-offs?

Our IoT solution | SEZO Helmet Tracker

See how the SEZO HT device together with FAMOC Connect software will improve safety and workforce management in a high-risk workplace:

A worker suffers an accident with a severe blow to the head and is rescued by the immediate intervention of the rescue team.

1 . A worker falls from a scaffolding and suffers a severe head injury.
2. The helmet-mounted SEZO HT immediately detects a high impact with its built-in sensors and sends an alarm to the foreman and the control room.
3. The FAMOC Connect application on the foreman’s phone alerts him to the accident and shows the location of the incident on a map.
4. The foreman calls the rescue team, which quickly locates the worker thanks to the sound and light signals from the SEZO HT on the safety helmet.
5. The worker’s life is saved thanks to the rapid response to the incident.

A poisonous gas leak is detected and reported at a construction site. No one was poisoned thanks to the rapid evacuation of the affected area.
1. The foreman receives a report of a toxic gas leak in zone A.
2. Using FAMOC Connect, the foreman marks all workers in the affected area on a map and sends a voice message to evacuate to zone B.
3. SEZO HTs mounted on the helmets of all workers in zone A play the evacuation message.
4. All workers in the affected area evacuate immediately and avoid poisoning.

The unloading of delivered materials is handled quickly thanks to the allocation of appropriate manpower.
1. The foreman receives information from the control room that additional people need to be sent to assist in unloading material that has arrived on site.
2. The foreman, using FAMOC Connect, selects a low priority task team and sends them a voice message to report to the unloading area.
3. The message is played back by SEZO HT on the helmets of all the workers designated by the foreman.
4. workers assist in unloading.

construction site security solution - SEZO helmet tracker
worker security solution - SEZO helmet tracker
overload sensor - SEZO HT

  overload sensors – detect falls, impacts, inactivity

built-in loudspeaker - SEZO IoT Helmet Tracker

built-in loudspeaker – alarms and incoming messages

ligh signal - SEZO IoT Helmet Tracker

  light signal – rapid identification of the accident scene

remote configuration - SEZO IoT Helmet Tracker

remote configuration (bluetooth/NFC)

LTE-M based - SEZO Helmet Tracker

  continuous and reliable LTE-M wireless communication

automatic operation - SEZO Helmet Tracker

  automatic, unmanned operation

satellite geolocation - SEZO IoT products

  satellite geolocation

features - SEZO IoT Helmet Tracker

  height measurement based on pressure difference

SEZO HT - app

Detection and alarming of hazards and accidents

 Dedicated sensors on each helmet detect falls, fainting or entering restricted areas. Detection results in an audible and light signal and a triggered message to the foreman.

SEZO HT - mobile application

Improved logistics thanks to 3D location and voice messages

 By collecting location data in three dimensions and supporting the transmission and playback of voice messages, the SEZO Helmet Tracker enables efficient management of the workforce and collection of data on the progress of work.

SEZO HT - mobile app

A system designed for reliability and unmanned operation

To ensure the highest level of safety, helmet-mounted devices remain in constant communication with the server. The only action required of the worker is to put the helmet on his head at the beginning of the shift and put the helmet back on the wireless charger at the end of the shift.

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SEZO’s IoT products have been mentioned in various offline and online media. We can be found, for example, on (Deutsche Telekom’s technology incubator).

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